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First impressions count but what do you think a person a notices first about you? If you answered the face you are entirely correct. People will notice your face before they notice your shoes, handbag, tie, or even your watch. So if you are a prescription eyeglass wearer you need to pay special attention because your choice of specs is going to be the first thing people see about you. Choosing your eye frames is a huge step anyone be aware. These days, eyeglasses have become a major force in the fashion industry.

Some are even taking to wearing eyeglasses purely from a fashion standpoint, despite the fact that they have perfect vision. You should never underestimate the power of eyewear to make a standout first impression. Prescription lenses will improve your vision but it is the frame style and color which will determine your new look, especially if you are sitting in front of the computer all day long. Eyeglasses made just from computer viewing are always recommended.

Superdry NeoWe are dedicated to providing the best quality eyewear at the most affordable prices so you don't have to skimp on quality or style. The latest trend for this spring and summer is to have decorated frames with oversized lenses. Splashy colors and eclectic frames with funky angular temples seem to be the order of the day. You will see these fashion statement pieces with their unique original designs being displayed at Runways across the country. Many frames will include lavish embellishments to add to the fashion statement, while still protecting your eyes from the suns vicious rays, even in the winter time.

Disregarding fashion for a moment, we must also state that sunglasses have an important role in eye protection. Remember that kids receive the same level of UV rays as adults, probably even more due to most kids' passion for playing outdoors, so it is especially important to add some sort of protection for their eyes as well. Most of the styles we create can also be available in your RX. From the simplest prescription to the highest powered complex lenses, we can accommodate your needs. Wear them everywhere without having to fumble with clip-ons or contact lenses while skiing or at the beach. We are all aware that too much sun can cause melanomas (skin cancer,) but what is least known is that our eyes can suffer from a type of sunburn as well. Overexposure of UV rays to our eyes causes a condition known as photokeratitis to develop.

Your eyes will become read and teary, and will be super sensitive to light. The retina can also sustain damage over time causing impaired vision. This problem is easily remedied with a stylish pair of sunglasses to provide protection for your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Firstly you need to consider who you are and what sort of lifestyle you lead in order to find the perfect pair of shades. Our prescription sun wear is available for most of the population and can be designed to suit any mood. It might be that you need a pair that fits in with your work life, and a second more fashionable pair for when you are out on the town and want to be noticed. Designeyeglasses.com has the pair for every situation. Just visit our website at Designeyeglasses.com where our in house optical lab can have prescription lenses fitted into any custom frame.