Can the sun damage our eyes? UV Protection Lenses

The sun is essential for all life on earth but too much of a good thing can damage our eyes. Sunglasses aren’t just for making it easier on our eyes while we’re outside, they also protect our eyes from damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. Sure, you can buy a cheap pair at the local discount store but you often get what you pay for. You also only get one set of eyes so why risk their health to a cheap and nasty pair of sunglasses. When it comes to protecting your eyes the cheaper brands, while looking very similar to higher priced models, do very little to protect your eyes so it’s always best to spend a little extra and purchase a quality pair. offers a wide range of designer and discount sunglasses which includes the ability to block 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV protection is rated with a numbering system - the higher the number the greater the protection. It’s not just your eyes which are protected as the area of delicate skin around the eyes is also sheltered from the sun’s rays. Preventing sun damage to this area around can keep you looking younger as your sunglasses help ward off the onset of wrinkles.

The sun emits UVA and UVB rays, both invisible forms of light which have been proven to increase the risk of cancer, as well as increase the damage to the skin and eyes the longer you are exposed to them.  Your cheap sunglasses may protect against this damage but unless the label states specifically that they provide 99% UV protection then they are not up to the task. UV protection also wears off fairly quickly on the cheaper pairs so even if they are guarding against UV rays there’s no guarantee as to how long it will last for.

A quality pair of men’s’ sunglasses will also give you scratch and shatter proof lenses. Even though you are paying more they will be cheaper over the long run as you don’t have to keep constantly replacing them. Other features you may like in a pair of designer sunglasses are anti-glare, anti-fog, and anti-reflective lenses. These have all been shown to improve vision while adding endurance to the glasses. Designer brands of sunglasses may also come as a prescription pair – something not available in the discount range- with many more options to choose from than off the rack can give you.

There’s no denying the attractiveness of a discount price but all factors need to be considered as cheaper won’t provide adequate protection or polarization. Both of these features are needed to maintain the health of your eyes. The sad fact is that the damage to your eyes may be increased with a cheap pair of sunglasses. Paying a premium price is the best economic policy as you’ll not just be able to see better but you will be keeping your eyes healthier as you get older and reduce the need for expensive medical care.

Pay careful consideration to the frames when choosing a pair of men’s sunglasses. Again, with the cheaper models, quality is sacrificed for price. Frames breaking, lenses falling out, and screws stripping and falling out are all common complaints against cheap sunglasses. They can rarely be fixed and in most cases they just aren’t worth fixing due to the cost. More expensive frames will be able to handle more abuse. Drop them, or accidentally sit on them and they will more than likely survive the unfortunate encounter. How many pairs of cheap sunglasses would you go through in a year? Add that up and it probably works out to more than the cost of one pair of quality sunglasses.

Quite a few designer sunglasses for men are created with metal frames. These frames are strong enough to resist bending without breaking while managing to fit your face correctly. When a discount pair of sunglasses are bent it’s extremely difficult to return them back to their original shape. Quality sunglasses usually also come with a warranty so if something does happen which is not your fault then they will be repaired or replaced. This is just one of the many reasons to opt for quality over price when it comes to designer sunglasses.