Buying Kids Eyeglasses

When it comes to buying kids eyeglasses, one must never compromise on comfort. If your kid is not comfortable with the glasses, he/she may be reluctant to wear them on daily basis. Therefore, make sure that the glasses are comfortable; ear piece fits well and does not squeeze, pinch or hurt the kid’s ears. When comfort issue is properly dealt, decide whether you want your kid to wear the doctor prescribed glasses or a pair of custom-made glasses from store. It is necessary to keep a definite positive and unwavering attitude towards wearing eyeglasses, so that your kid can understand the seriousness of the matter. Enforcing decision may be required to make them follow.

Don’t let your kid take off his/her glasses. Make them wear almost 24X7, except some occasions like sleeping and bathing. Let them know that there is no other option than wearing glasses. You may use your attitude and tone to convince them. He/she may not obey at first and take glasses as an object to play. But instead of getting angry at such actions, you need to be calm and unaffected by their activities. They must know that you don’t like glasses to be removed and you’ll be pleased to find the glasses on their right place- on children’s eyes. Give immediate reactions if they remove their glasses. Always maintain an unswerving conviction to ensure the habit of wearing glasses.

You must start this regime right after the introduction of glasses. However, to bring this into habit, you might require keeping children at home and taking breaks from work to carry the adjustments. Working together or taking help of friends or relatives can help you to beat the challenge. If you find it frustrating to do it alone, never hesitate to get some support. This is a crucial time, where focus and attention is necessary. You may ask or let your family members to interact with the kid one by one along with giving him space to put up his thoughts and ideas. Keep aside the issues such as clothing, toilet training and naps, for some time and lay our concerns on proper nutrition and child’s preferences. In many cases, distraction works best. Throw a small party for kids and their friends. Engage them in intriguing and creative activities such as making toys out of edible play dough or exciting water games. That’s your kid and you know him/her better than anyone. Keep him engaged, entertained and give preference to his favorite activities.