Harmful Effects of Computers on Kids’ Eyes

Are Computers Bad for Kids?If something stresses eyes more than reading a magazine or a book, it is none other than computers. The reason behind the problem is the difficulty to maintain focus on graphically -generated images than printed images. Young children with undeveloped visual system are the prime victim of eye problems. On the issue of computer and young children, the American Optometric Association quoted- There are several things that can make young children open to computer-related eye problems. Such as:

The level of self-awareness is very low in children. Most of the times, they tend to use computer for hours without or with few breaks. The prolonged use of computer can lead to eyestrain and focusing problems. Children lack understanding and assume their vision troubles normal. Even if they have problems of vision is impairment or slow deterioration, they never build a second though or talk to their parents.

There is huge difference between the age and understanding of children and adults. Since, most of the computers are customized for adult use, children pose a greater risk of vision problems due to close contact with the screen and adopt unusual sitting postures causing eyestrain and body pain. Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome from Stealing Your Children’s Eyesight: Vital Tips Below given are some of the useful tips that can prevent your kid from developing any CVS symptoms and eyestrain (including myopia):

1. Make sure that your kid passes a comprehensive eye exam before starting school. The eye exam should also include an assessment of near-point vision skills (reading and computer).

2. Arrange your child’s workstation suiting his body size. In order to protect the kid from developing eyestrains, the monitor should be placed 18 to 28 inches away from the children. This is the recommended distance between the eye and the monitor.

3. Show seriousness towards the visible signs and symptoms of eye problems. Vision problems like frequent eye rubbing, eye redness, eye fatigue or complaints of blurriness, and unusual postures should be immediately reported. If your kid is avoiding his school work and computer, then get alert as this can be the indication of vision problem. If your kid develops a vision problem, consult to eye specialist as soon as you suspect the problem. An eye exam is the key requirement of the moment. If it’s a computer vision problem, your doctor may recommend some additional tests