Choosing Best Eyewear Frame Type for Yourself

Different Shapes of FramesIf outfits can flatter all body shapes, glasses also have their ability of enhancing your face. When selecting for glasses, people are actually focusing more on how these look on their face. They keep on trying every pair of glasses on the store to find in the nearby area. They are after settling for the one that looks best on them.

However, this is very time consuming and usually takes a great effort. To narrow-down your scope of selection, it’s essential for you to understand the shape of your face.

Below is the complete list of different face shapes and corresponding frame sizes:

1.    Square Shape: Since the jaw line already creates a square shape, adding up a rectangular or square frame also helps widen the temples. It will also help make you look squarer. Round or narrow oval shapes have the ability to create contrast on your jaw line. They draw more attention to your eyes in a good way.

2.    Round Shape: Individuals who have round shape should be more careful when they take the time of choosing for their glasses. There are numerous glasses that prove to be very flattering. But, most of them provide you with an even wider look.
Rounded, large or heavy frame has the ability to weigh down your face. You can also consider rectangular and geometric shapes.  When it comes to rimless glasses, these are not mainly tress chic. The good thing about them is that they work well with your round-shaped face.

3.    Oblong Shape: Since face is somewhat narrower rather than wider, you need to take a closer look for a frame that can widen the face at the temple. You will be given with the ability of wearing wider and larger frames. These best complement the shape of your face. You can also try something rectangular and wide. Or, you can even try for rimless as long as it gets its visible “dark color” at the temples.

4.    Oval Shape: This face shape is lucky enough since it can wear any type of glass frame. You can try a variety of frames since your face does not have any restrictions.

Face Shapes

5.    Triangular Face: Since this is “narrower” on the top as compared on the bottom, even you can enjoy using numerous frames. Just make sure to choose for a frame that can balance your jaw line. This can also help widen-up your top. Your ultimate intention here is to widen your vision and to experiment with embellishments and color.

6.    Heart Shaped Face: Since people with heart-shaped face have their narrow jaw lines, you should be looking for frames with the ability of narrowing your face top half. You can try rimless frames since they do not draw negative attention to your temples. In addition, you can also try butterfly frame shapes since these are somehow flattering. They also provide you with a more feminine touch.

7.    Diamond Face Shaped: This shape is very unique and it mainly requires unique glasses as well. You are given with great options when looking for frames. Just be aware of rectangular, round and heavy frames.

When looking for glasses, you must never be neglecting the importance of frames. This way, you can be looking more confident, younger and smarter. Have fun with frames that will make you look prettier and smarter!  

Below are some of the example of which shape of frames not to get:


Bad Choice Eye Frames