Helpful Tips On Spotting Fake Designer Frames

Here are a few tips on how to spot a fake Burberry designer frames:

1.    Retail Box
All new designer Burberry sunglasses come packaged in a branded retail box which features the Burberry Knight. By checking the details of the knight and that the logo is consistent with the official Burberry logo you will be off to a good start.

2.    Retail Box Label
The label will contain information about the manufacturer and a barcode. Check that these match up with the information on the actual sunglasses.

3.    Guarantee
Burberry provide a guarantee certificate with each and every pair of their sunglasses. A space for your details is included on the inside of every certificate and it will be secured by a single staple.

4.    Information Booklet
You will receive an information booklet with every pair of Burberry sunglasses. The font, spacing, and position of the logo are a good indication as to their authenticity. Make sure there are no spelling errors and everything is nicely aligned.

how to spot fake burberry frames5.    Carry Case
You will receive an official Burberry carry case with your sunglasses which may be traditional plaid or black. You can check the consistency of the material weave and the colors of the stripes on the plaid cases, with older cases varying in style and color.

6.    Right Temple
On the inside of the right temple arm of Burberry sunglasses you should find the Burberry name followed by a ‘Made in Italy’ label. New models should also have a single letter with the letters CE following to indicate European Conformity. Also check for errors in spacing and wonky alignment.

7.    Left Temple
On the inside of the left temple arm you should find lens and frame measurements which should be preceded by a model number starting with the letter B. Match these details up with the details you see on the retail box.

8.    Serial Number
A serial number should be etched onto the right lens. This should be etched in cleanly and clearly and should also match the details on the retail box.