Is Your Kid Suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision SyndromeIs Your Kid Suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome?

Now a days, computer has not only become common, but is widely used for various purposes. Kids are more into computers as they take it no more than a tool of entertainment or gaming. Surveys have revealed that an average American child spends at least two to four hours on computer surfing Internet, chatting online, playing video games and doing homework. Moreover, the rate of school-aged children having computer access is about 90%. Most of them have computers at home, while the rest gain access from schools. There is no doubt, if kids have started using computers at a very young age.

On interviewing a group of college students, researchers found that above 20% of them had begun using computer at quite an early age (before they were 8-9 years old).We understand that all this must have raised your level of concern. But, how is computer use is harming kid’s eyes at young age? Many children eye specialist and doctors have confirmed that sustained use of computers at young age excessively increase the risk of childhood myopia or nearsightedness. They have further stated that approximately 25% of young US citizens are suffering from myopia, while another report states the about 50% of adult computer users, who have completed their college education are fighting from the same problem.

Sustained computer use is more risky for youngsters as their eyes are not mature and still changing. This can be the key reason for disparity. Not only doctors, but many research have also supported this theory. Above all, a study performed at University of California on 252 children of Berkeley School of Optometry, ranging from 6 to 10 years unveiled a strong correlation between the development of nearsightedness and the duration spent on computer. This study on all the bases clarified that extended use of computer leaves negative effect on young eyes.